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Pujalinda Mandarsari
Task 1 (Vocabulary)

Direction : Choose the correct answer from the option a, b, c, or d.

1) Indah …… the match in National Olimpiade. She is very happy.
A. jumped
B. lost
C. celebrated
D. won

2) My sister went to dentist two days ago because her ….. were in pain.
A. teeth
B. ears
C. hands
D. fingers

3) A : Can you lend me a hand?
B: Yes, of course. What can I help you?
A: Please, ….. these books to my office.
B : Yes sure, Sir.
A. put
B. give
C. bring
D. read

4) The exam was too ….. for her. She got score 100.
A. easy
B. expensive
C. difficult
D. high

5) Angel’s doll is broken. Angel is very …… now.
A. charm
B. happy
C. sad
D. confused

6) The students’ duty is to … in the school.
A. teach
B. work
C. play
D. study

7) Bimo is celebrating his birthday.
Now Bimo feels ……
A. happy
B. easy
C. angry
D. hungry

8) Nita : Edi, your new shoes are so fit in your …… . You look charming and cool.
Edi: Thank you Nita.
A. body
B. feet
C. finger
D. hand

9) The clown in my friend’s birthday is so … . He makes all children laugh and happy.
A. angry
B. noisy
C. funny
D. quiet

10) The baby is so hungry. So, I …… a meal for him.
A. prepare
B. wear
C. throw
D. kick

Apr 6, 2018 2:20 AM
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1 - D

2 - A

3 -B/C

4 - A

5 - C

6 - D

7 - A

8 - B

9 - C

10 - A

April 6, 2018
Pujalinda Mandarsari
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