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Tête de nègre and other discourteous words

When I was a child I loved to eat a sweet made of chocolate and eggs that was called Tête de nègre in French, Morenkopf in German . These terms mean head of a black person.

People then became aware that this name was slightly racist and the name changed.

Now people eat tête de choco.

Can you write down similar experiences in your own language? 

Apr 6, 2018 8:24 AM
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Yes we have it and we calledit in Syria راس العبد the head of a slave

I disagree with its name because then link the color black to slavery

Also we have folk song says(the girl who has olive skin is like a raisin ) I don't know why I find it a racist

Also the mother who wants to find a girl for her son always wants a green peas (the white girl with light colored ) and dislikes brown lentil Majdra (a girl with dark colors) we have two famous Syrian food dishes

Green peas with rice

Rice with brown lentil in Syrian name (Majdraمجدرة)

I find this very racist .

April 6, 2018
That reminds me of Ten Little Niggers, the novel by Agatha Christie that was renamed And Then There Were None. Honestly I find it a shame to censor the title of a literary work, especially one that was written decades ago, but oh well... At least the original title was kept in several translations: Dix Petits Nègres (FR), Diez Negritos (ES), Десять негритят (RU), etc...
April 6, 2018
Unfortunately most of them still say راس العبد maybe because they got used to it but I myself called it طابة شوكولا means Chocolate balls in Syrian dialect and طربوش
April 6, 2018
Aliph: Yes, that’s all the expression “nigger in the woodpile” ever meant. Think about it. A woodpile would by like a bail of hay that something could be in but not noticed. “He’s got a nigger in the woodpile maybe! (Laugh),”
April 7, 2018
Everyone is wrong about the “Nigger in the Woodpile” expression. It’s an old expression rarely heard anymore that meant a White person, usually a White with ancestors from the US South, that had a some distant African ancestor, maybe had a distant great great grandparent who was Black, perhaps only amounting to 1% of their ancestorial tree. Modern DNA testing has elminated that sort of speculation, but that are still a few cases that will pop up now again to some people’s surprise, maybe showing less than 0,01% of their genetic make up to be African.  There was some White supremicist in the US whose DNA was rested and he came back with something like 10% sub-Saharan African ancestory. It became a bit of a laugh over here. 
April 7, 2018
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