Hallo German learners! How could you make your German flow???

I'm at level B2 but still can't make correct sentences!!! :( I'm a perfectionist and it's so hard for me to just go ahead and talk talk talk in German!!! If I try... I'm ruining the Akk, Dat and Gen... u know what I mean! Wait, let's not talk about Articles and using them with prepositions :( Please I need some perfectionists to tell me how did they go through this.... I can't just ignore that & saying saying whatever and knowing my German sucks xD 

Vielen Dank! 

Apr 6, 2018 12:56 PM
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For your own happiness and peace of mind I’d give up the perfectionism. It’s not something to be proud of or to encourage in others and leads to a life of misery and never feeling ‘good enough’. Think about it logically - as non-native speakers we are never going to speak a language perfectly, nor should you have this as an aim.

Just speak, allow yourself to be imperfect and celebrate the steps you take along the way.The best advice I was given as a Czech learner was to initially ignore case/ adjective endings (there are 7) and concentrate on developing a basic fluency.

Enjoy the language and the very best of luck!

April 6, 2018

This discussion is a little bit odd to look at since it sems like Chris talked to ghost.

I'd thrive out my perfectionism by writing notebooks, tbh. I have tons of time to correct and recorrect until I send. But I still practice forming my sentences in my head. If I was smart I'd also talk to my self, nobody can hear me and still it is a practise. A good idea is also to find someone who corrects your sentences and points out the grammar to you. So it is at least just one person that "has to face your mistakes" and you have a one to one tutoring....if you are a perfectionist you will have a lot of questions so this will bring you on your way. These past months I watched some people doing their notebooks and it is just awesome to see their progress. I love it. 

By the way, I also learned that people on B2 level German are still VERY chaotic in  writing and speaking, Uhm, so you are just in level if you feel like you do. Might not help to say this, but it is what I see. 

April 17, 2018

Amira: I’m sorry if you’ve heard it all before, but I do think it’s something you can gradually get rid of. As a young adult I felt under terrific pressure to succeed at sport as I wasn’t great at school. Much of the pressure was self- inflicted and it took me years to realise that actually my achievements were worthwhile.

Have you talked seriously to your professors/tutors at the University? Can they offer any additional language support.? You must be living in a city so are there groups who meet to chat informally in German? A local Goethe Institut? Maybe some of your classmates have a sister, a friend who could help?


April 6, 2018
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