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What is the most embarrassing situation you have encountered when using a foreign language? What is the most embarrassing situation you have encountered when using a foreign language?
Apr 6, 2018 1:27 PM
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Haha Unforgettable story

I was speaking to an American person on Skype about Egypt and I was trying to convince him that my country is very beautiful, I noticed that his comments on my speaking were ( OMG. I am so sorry to hear that. That's so horrible ) 

I was wondering from words but after I relaxed I realized that I was saying ( Terrorism instead of tourism ) 

I was saying that you have to visit our terrorism places you will enjoy them undoubtedly and I was so excited and enthusiastic :D 
April 7, 2018
It was about a week after I'd got my very first job at a language school. My charming, very attractive Spanish boss came into the office (where I was frantically trying to prepare my lessons), sighed, pulled a face and put his hand to his cheek. Apparently, he'd been to the dentist, the anesthetic had just stopped working and the pain was starting to set in. Now, I'd discovered that in Spain, you could get these little sachets with ibuprofen powder. Awful taste, but they work about ten times as fast as a pill, you get almost instant relief. So, I see my boss grimacing with pain, reach for my bag with the emergency sachet of ibuprofen, think quickly about how to offer him this in Spanish (it's not a pill, it's a powder, what is it called?) - and ask this handsome Spaniard "Quieres un polvo?" (Wanna f*ck?) The look on his face! Then he started to absolutely roar with laughter. And if that hadn't been embarassing enough, he told the story to everyone at the next meeting.
April 7, 2018


Ah, you like funny stories, like me.

So, I will give you some funny examples from Google Translator art:

Advertisement in Thailand:

Would you like to ride on your own... ass?

Notice in hotel in Tokyo:

Is forbidden to steal towels please. If you are not a person to such thing is please not to read notis. Beach notice in Acapulco: Drop your trousers here for best results!

April 6, 2018
@Chizuko, good one!

I have a another one (I actually have tons of them!)
Once, in my native land, a friend of mine had a job interview in English and she wanted someone to practise.
So we had lunch together and started talking. We got a little carried way and left the place and even took the bus speaking in English.
On the bus, a woman said “It’s so rude that those foreigners come here and they don’t even learn the language!”
Of course I understood every word and, before getting off the bus, I said loud and clear, in my native language “I understood everything”
I could see her flushing before the bus left.
April 7, 2018


LOL...I can't stop laughing!  You are smart. It reminds me of my Australian friend's story in Japan.He was a little bit annoyed by Japanese people who talked to him anywhere, anytime. Because Japanese people want to practice English if there are opportunities anytime. One day, he was reading a book in the train and a stranger talked to him "Hello, where are you from?" and he answered, "Sorry, I'm French." in French. The stranger didn't say anything..... He was reading an English book though. .. LOL

April 7, 2018
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