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What is your country best known for? What is your country best known for? 
6 Nis 2018 16:49
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Interfering in the affairs of other countries.
7 Nisan 2018
England - cricket, fish and chips, rugby, fish and chips, rain, oh and fish and chips.
6 Nisan 2018
Turkish Coffee, İstanbul 
6 Nisan 2018

1. The biggest country in the world.
2. Wonderful nature. Beautiful landscapes, lakes, forests and rivers. The purest and deepest lake "Baykal" is located in Russia. The biggest lake "Caspian Sea" is located in Russia. 
3. Russian literature. Everyone in the world knows such extraordinar writers as: Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Mikhail Bulgakov etc.
4. Russian scientists. There are so many scientists from Russia.
5. Russian technology

6 Nisan 2018

I don't really know--someone from outside the United States might have a better answer. However, I will say that the United States is known for:

--Jazz music

--Niagara Falls, and other natural wonders (the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park).

--The hamburger "as we know it."


--Mark Twain.

--Walt Disney World.

--The Apollo space program (which culminated in the moon landings).

--The Constitution of the United States.

6 Nisan 2018
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