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Why do you think about feminism? O que tu pensas sobre o feminismo?
Apr 6, 2018 9:53 PM
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I think feminism is very important, however a lot of people misunderstand the meaning and get very defensive about the topic.

I believe the equality of men AND women (the definition of feminism, I must stress) is fundimental in keeping a fair equilibrium between the sexes in our society. Everybody deserves equal rights and to be treated fairly regardless of gender, and therefore I think believing in this equality is so important.

Some people dislike the word "feminism" due to it looking like it's only about females, however if one were to dig deeper and research they would see that the true meaning is equality for all.

I admit there are some women who see it as rights for women only (who have been branded as "Feminazis" by the internet), who give feminists a bad name due to their rude, unnecessary anti-men nature, however these people should be ignored.

Anyway, I digress. Disregarding the word "feminism" for the moment, I believe men and women deserve equal rights and that's that! :-)

April 7, 2018
Dude, I'll try to be as rude as possible with my comment. But let us enter the line of logical reasoning, that which every human being, be it man or woman, must respect and follow. EVERYONE, that's right, EVERYONE deserves respect, freedom and appreciation for who they are. I thank God that there is feminism because it is this movement that is opening the minds of millions of people and deconstructing partial values ​​and that overvalues ​​the man and devalues ​​the woman. If you tell me that men (mostly) are not sexists, I'll find my text a huge waste of time. Because the answer is yes. Men have taken women's right to be women! And being a woman is not this cloud of so-called "feminine" characteristics that society carries today. To be a woman is simply to be free. Free to wear what you want to wear (and all other superficial examples) and to be recognized as a capable person equal to any man. I am very happy that this movement is opening these doors so that in the end, ALL of us are really treated as equals as it says in Brazilian and worldwide laws. Some feminists may even shit and make it appear that feminism is an oppressive movement, but nothing compares to the centuries of "mental and social slavery" that women have lived through men, always being forced to fit into a pattern of behavior said as "normal" My only wish is this. Let no one have to be forced to be someone who really is not. But let everyone have the freedom and valorization they deserve within society.
April 7, 2018
Ah, my apologies then! The wording at the beginning of your comment indicated to me that it was a response. Sorry for the misunderstanding then.
April 7, 2018

Not sure if this comment is in response to mine, but if it is, you clearly failed to understand what I wrote. I never stated that women don't deserve respect? I quite clearly said that I'm a supporter of traditional feminism. That being, the feminism that fights for equality. Emphasis on equality. And yes, I can tell you honestly that in my 27 years alive I have never met a sexist man. Ever. In the vast majority of developed western nations, feminism achieved what it originally set out to. I'm not denying that in the past women weren't treated less than men, but that is no longer the case. In fact, in many areas women are above men now.

Please also note that my comment was in regard to western nations. I know that there are still many places in the world that could benefit from traditional feminism. But the current brand of mainstream feminism in the west (Europe and America) is a twisted form of feminism. Which was the original point of my comment.

April 7, 2018
I agree wholeheartedly with traditional feminism. Men and women should have equal rights. Sadly, modern day feminism is just man hating masquerading as a just cause; at least in the west.
April 7, 2018
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