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Does it mean the same ? Can I use both?

Other than doing my homework I have nothing special going on tonight.

Besides than doing my homework I have....

Apr 7, 2018 3:30 AM
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Hi Scarleth - In my opinion, you could use either sentence.  However, although the first sentence is correct as written, you should remove the word "than" from the second sentence.  In other words, the second sentence should read as follows:

Besides doing my homework, I have...

I hope that helps!

April 7, 2018

Here are some more examples:

1) Other than my homework, I’m doing nothing tonight

2) I've eaten nothing other than pizza for the last 15 years of my life

3) Do you do anything other than play football?

4) Do you do anything aside from getting drunk all day?

5) Besides getting drunk and making a fool of yourself, what is it that you do?

6) Besides going to the mall, is there something that you would rather do?

7) Other than going clothes shopping today, is there anything else we have to do?

8) Besides pizza, I don’t like eating much

9) Besides enjoying the weather today, I didn’t do anything

10) Aside from going to school today, I did nothing

11) Aside from working out, I don’t do anything

12) Aside from eating pizza, drinking beer, and swimming, I don’t do much

13) Besides that, I didn’t get up too much

14) My dog died, my cat died, and my girlfriend dumped me. Besides that, life is great.

15) Is there any word aside from “other” that can be used besides that, other than “besides”?

The sentence structure usually looks like this:

- Other than that....

- Besides that...

- Aside from that...


The word "that".. can be replaced by a description.

"that" = playing football

- Other than playing football...

- Besides playing football...

- Aside from playing football...


Then, you need to say what it is that happens, other than "THAT"..

- Other than playing football, I eat icecream

- Besides playing football, I play badminton

- Aside from playing football, I play tenis


I noticed in the above examples, that I personally use the "Other than" statement, when the comparison is between two totally different subjects that aren't related. Besides and Aside are simular

April 7, 2018
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