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ways of learning ( Advice )

thinking of what I should do to improve my fluency in English , there are so many ways to do that 
so , tell me what way are you using ? in order to help each other 
for me : I am trying to make my self live in an English world , I mean , English songs are always on , talking to foreigners friends on whatsapp and of course memorization of new vocabularies . 

plz , share your experiment wth learning 

Apr 7, 2018 5:10 PM
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Engage in a live conversation with an English speaker as much as possible.

Constant interaction exclusively in the English language encourages you to constantly think in that language and to constantly adjust your brain to the sound frequencies of that language. With time, this increases your neural efficiency and allows you to process the words and sounds as fast as you would in your native language.

Putting yourself in a live conversation puts more stress, but good stress, on you then passively listening to some audio or video files because when you are in a live conversation your level of attention has to remain high and alert so that you can process what the other person is saying.

After each conversation, you will become more and more advanced as your vocabulary grows and as your brain increasingly adapts to the sound frequencies of the English language.

Give it a try. Practice, practice, practice. 

Of course, listening to audio and video files can also help you, but listening to a live person speak and having to respond to what they were speaking about is a much bigger challenge, but also much more rewarding.
April 7, 2018
You should watch movies, TV shows and YouTube videos in English. Doing that will allow you to learn through context, as in what a person would say in a certain situation. It will also help you understand minor differences in how words are pronounced, unlike in songs where the singer can completely switch up how the pronounce words to fit the song better.
April 7, 2018

Really, i am trying a lot of things. First,  i am listening everything in english, tv, music... and sometimes i tell me  thing in english when for example i walk in the street. When i learn new words, i trying to put it   into in my vocabulary.
I do redactions and i read articles in English. Finally, of course, I practise my spoken English with my  language partners.


April 7, 2018
thank you'll , you are right , I have to engage in  live conversations but here in I talki it's becoming more more difficult to partner up with a native English speaker . I'm in the advanced level but I need to be fluent so that I need a native speaker to speak with . but currently I'm partnering up with learners to help them and also to allow my self to speak 
April 7, 2018
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