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la vacanza o le vacanze estive

Grazie Manu per la tua risposta.

But how come that you use the plural instead of singular?

it is an ended summer holiday,  and there is only one holiday.

best regards


Apr 8, 2018 5:55 AM
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We use "vacanze estive" to express the extension of a period (in terms of months or weeks, therefore longer than a weekend) in which we interrupted our working or studying activities. 


Ex: Durante le vacanze estive sono andato al mare. (long period: could be 15 days, 1/2 months...)


Ex: Questo fine settimana sarò in VACANZA (short period, just the weekend, and not everyone will interrupt their working activity, is YOUR decision, not institutionalized) OR Ex2: Mi prendo tre giorni di vacanza

Similarly for Christmas:

Ex: Durante le vacanze natalizie (or di Natale) andrò a sciare. (a LARGE part of the Christmas holiday will be spend by going skiing)

Anyway, I guess that the plural expression is partially due to the fact that schools and some other institutions close in that periods, so the summer holiday is not just the mine, but also the summer holiday of schools, universities, institutional offices and buildings... "le vacanze estive" are something common and shared by all :)

April 14, 2018
Vado in vacanza sabato prossimo.... potrebbe riferirsi ad un periodo corto! Quest'estate faro le vacanze con la mia famiglua..... a....

morale : si usano tutti e due e a seconda del riferimento al verbo o ai tempi cambia! Con la pratica cu arriverai! Non mi risulta sia un idioma! Ciao

April 10, 2018
We don't say "vacanza estiva", we use always the plural, so we say "vacanze estive". No explication for that, it is an idiom.
April 10, 2018
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