Let's chat in game.

Recently, I 've been playing Rules of Survival (like a mobile version of PUBG) and meet a lot of native English speakers on there. I think that's one good way to practice your spoken English if you are not living in English speaking countries . I usually play in North America server,where usually lots of Americans there. You can also choose other server like Europe,Latin America or Asia or Japan according to your target language. I want to be clear that chatting in game won't be able to help you with your language in a systematic way. But it's definitely will give you the chance to speak and improve your listening ability. 

Anyway,I'd be glad if you add me there.DM me and I'll give you my username. Let's talk and have fun :))

8 أبريل 2018 14:28
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We would be glad to also join this game :)
8 أبريل 2018
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