Does it work? -- use a present participle phrase to mean a regular activity
"I have a sister playing the guitar."
It's awkward because it sounds like 'I' have a sister' who is playing the guitar now. Right?
How about if it's like this:
""I have a sister playing the guitar at the kindergarten."
Can this mean that 'sister' plays at the kindergarten regularly?
Apr 8, 2018 4:00 PM
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I would take that as your sister is currently playing her guitar at the kindergarten, although the sentence structure sounds weird. I would have probably worded it this way:

"I have a sister who is playing the guitar for a kindergarten class." 

If you wanted to relay that she regularly plays at a kindergarten, I would word it as such:

"I have a sister who regularly plays her guitar for the kindergarten class."

April 8, 2018