Horror Movies that give you the Heebie Jeebies. Please recommend me the scariest horror movies you've watched that still creep you out. They don't necessarily have to be Hollywood Movies. Can also be locally produced films of your country as well. 

I like making dumb decisions by watching horror movies late in the night. Then feel paranoid about getting jumped by other worldly spirits in my sleep or when i'm all alone in my home. 

So please recommend away and help me make more dumb decisions. 
Apr 8, 2018 6:42 PM
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Event Horizon (1997), The Thing (1982), Suspiria (1977), REC (2009) - only the first movie, Viy (1967).
April 10, 2018
Yeah I heard a lot about Cannibal Holocaust, still trying to get the courage to watch it because of the turtle scene, which actually happened btw, but I'll try it someday. 
Thanks for your recommendation.

April 11, 2018

Natalie: Well, if you want my recommendation and since we are on the topic of horror movies. Cannibal Holocaust is my pick. Don't want to give away too much about the movie, but it so hyper-realistic, that the film makers had to testify in the court about it being just a movie and none of the scenes actually being real.  I'm not sure if you're going to find a copy of it. So just watch it online if you can. 

April 10, 2018

Oh good @Suleman, the less sleep you get, the better the horror movie jejeje.

Let me then recommend one I like a lot, but it´s not quite a horror flick, it´s more like a cross of a comedy and horror. It´s a movie from Spain called "El día de la bestia" - "The Day of the Beast." You can probably find it with English subtitles; it´s worth watching :)

April 8, 2018
Andres! Out of these I've fully seen REC. Bloody brilliant movie. Will be sure to check out the rest, thanks for the recommendations! :)
April 10, 2018
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