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Photography or Painting? When I was little, my Dad had a special dark room for photography. There were many many "not ready" photos everywhere. Also I  could take a lines with small small black images and try to look through the light what is there were taken. Still have many not printed pics. Since then, I like it very much. Many years I was trying to catch a stormy weather on the Baltic sea. Few times there were a too big waves and we went home all wet ))) or the storm became calm very soon. When I took a very great picture, I was very excited. 
In the same time when I look at "Between the waves" Aivazovsky. .I see no compare...

If you had to choose between one of the most beautiful painting and one of the most beautiful photo, what would you like to have at home? What is better, photo or painting?

What do you like more and for what reasons?

What is your the best photo or your favourite painting?

while you are thinking, here is a very nice video with 100 the most beautiful photos. )))

Apr 8, 2018 7:17 PM
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Hi Tano!
Thank you for the link! So beautiful photos. When I look at them, specially those with kids and birds, I don't notice that it is a black and white photo )))
April 8, 2018

Thank you for sharing the video, Sarah. Honestly I can't choose between the two. Talking about photographs, some of my favourites are Henri Cartier-Bresson's ones (hey, they fit your discussion about black and white too :-). Have a look:

April 8, 2018
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