Help for bachelor thesis!

This is the abstract:

The bachelor thesis mainly tries to answer two questions. On the one hand, the basic attitude of public libraries nowadays towards the medium of comic should be explained and on the other hand it should be analyzed whether sequential art is suitable as a reading promotion tool.

The title of my thesis is:

The Phenomenon of Comic and Public Libraries

An Analysis of the Potential of Imparting Reading Literacy

is this correct?

Or does it need to be like this?

An Analysis of the Potential for Imparting Reading Literacy


Or maybe

An Analysis of the Potential to Impart Reading Literacy

I really do need help guys! I am thankful for every answer.

Apr 9, 2018 11:55 AM
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Reasearch on Damage Indentification Method of Highway Bridges Based on Vehical-bridge Coupled Vibraton Analysis.This is my thsis title.Emmmm,Maybe yours is easier than mine.
April 9, 2018