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Let's give these people an official title, NEMs.

<o:p> </o:p>I see members here complain that nobody helps them! You might feel a little sympathy at first but then you see that they are too lazy to even fill in any personal details in the profile page, they have corrected precisely zero notebook entries, have written zero entries, have contributed nothing to any discussions and have limited themselves to a few random "hellos" to members and are indignant when they got no replies. They have not understood the word "exchange" in the term "language exchange". I want to label them NEMs (No Effort Members or No Exchange Members). That way when the next complaint comes we can just comment "You are another NEM"!!

Apr 9, 2018 2:52 PM
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The one and only problem with your otherwise excellent idea is that NEMs will not make the effort to figure out the acronym, and will thus fail to benefit from such helpful suggestions.
April 9, 2018
I couldn't agree more with you @Graham , in my opinion there is no reason to complain, I have posted a lot of notebook entries and all of them have gotten a correction.  I always try to correct the entries in portuguese and answer some questions. But some people are just too lazy to put in the work. 
April 9, 2018
Next time, when someone who gets no corrections comes to complain you say they haven't  sent enough hello's?

That's the plan?

Graham, they must start somehow here.
They don't know that your Majesty needs an outstanding contribution to just say hello to the person honoured by speaking to you.

You always can enlighted them politely:
"there are too many hellos, I'd get mad responding to every hello, so I grew picky and now fell like an English queen and look down at people whom I don't reply,  because just not replying to a good guy without accusing him in being lazy feels wrong. He is 'just a good guy' and 'i'm just not replying' - doesn't this mean i'm an impolite person?"

Like this.
April 9, 2018

I think it is just salty and for no help to invent some internet slang abbreviation. Ignore the complaints or be helpful. Maybe thay annoy you? Don't read the discussion/answer thing? Just because I do tons of corrections sure does not make me a more worthy member. I like to do it and hopefully I am even kind of good at it. But nobody else needs to like it. And yes, I do not need any corrections by people who would rather not do these....

It must not be a goal to write notebook.

You might not be good at any of this stuff.

It is completely ok to say hello.

It is rude not to reply. 

You might be completely lost with this app in the beginning...

I have no clue why you need this "name".

I am in a salty mood anyways.

April 9, 2018

I agree with Graham. The effort spent writing a discussion to complain and berate the active community members here would be better spent writing a more intriguing profile or contributing in some way. Complaints are only worth listening to when they're conveyed in a humorous way or when it's a legitimate grievance. I don't think it's legitimate when you've done nothing to be helpful or appealing, but feel entitled to what you want immediately, especially when you want something of high value.


April 9, 2018
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