건지 meaning?

The sentence "나만 이런 건지?" (Dean - Instagram) is translated as "Am I the only one?" and Naver says "Maybe I'm the only one". What does 건지 mean or what grammatical rule does it belong to and what verb is it?

I already noticed the word in the song D (Half moon) by Dean: "왜 별 이유 없이 공허한 건지", it's translated as "Why do I feel so empty with no reason at all".

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Apr 9, 2018 6:21 PM
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건지 << 거 + ㄴ지
거 : colloquial form of 것
ㄴ지 : whether or not

건지 means "wheter it is that"

나만 이런 건지 (알아요)? 
Do you know whether (it is that) only I am like this?

왜 별 이유 없이 공허한 건지(몰라요).
I don't know why (it is that) I feel so empty with no reason at all.

The verb ending -(으)ㄴ/는지 is basically used with verbs related to knowing, guessing, informing,
thinking, etc, for expressing the meaning “whether or not”.
It can also be used with words such as 누구 (who), 어디 (where), 어떻게 (how), 왜 (why), 언제
(where), 뭐 (what) and 얼마나 (how + adverb/adjective) to mark the end of a question inside a
compound sentence.

(1) Action verbs
- Verb stem + -는지
먹다 → 먹는지
사다 → 사는지
(2) Descriptive verbs
- Verb stems ending with a vowel + -ㄴ지/-은지
(The verb 이다 (to be) is included in this category as well.)
크다 → 큰지
작다 → 작은지
이거 뭐예요? (= What is this?)
+ 알아요? (= Do you know)
→ Do you know what this is? = 이거 뭔지 알아요?
이거 뭐이다 → 이거 뭐이 + -ㄴ지 → 이거 뭐인지 → 이거 뭔지
→ 이거 뭔지 알아요?
뭐가 좋아요? (= What is good?)
+ 몰라요. (= I don’t know.)
→ I don’t know what is good. = 뭐가 좋은지 몰라요.
뭐가 좋다 → 뭐가 좋 + -은지 → 뭐가 좋은지
→ 뭐가 좋은지 몰라요.
문제가 있다 (= There is a problem.)
+ 물어보세요. (= Ask.)
→ Ask (them) whether there is a problem. = 문제가 있는지 물어보세요.

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