Have you needed a medical assistance while being abroad?

Nowadays we travel a lot. Of course we try to be cautious, but sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes even temporary indisposition or a sudden onset of a more serious disease may make us seek a doctor's advice. Did it happen to you? Can you share your story?

What are your experiences with foreign Health Care?
1. How did you find the health service you needed? Did you call the emergency service (like the 112 number)? Or maybe you called your insurance agency hotline? Or asked local people?
2. Were you insured? Was your national insurance accepted (because of some international regulations, like between EU countries)? Did you buy a private insurance in your country or in your travel destination? Did it cover the type of services you demanded?
3. Did you have to pay in cash or with card? Did the insurance agency arrange everything for you? Or maybe it refunded your expenses later?
4. Did you experience any other problems? Was the language communication with the foreign staff easy?

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Apr 9, 2018 9:49 PM
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