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What's your attitude toward the political climate in your countries?

I wasn't that kind of person who cares much about the political issues in my country, but in these two years I started to..., probably  because I have graduated from college and began to live in the real world.  When I realized the politicians in my country care only about their own interests, and did and said things that are against the greatest benefit of the society, I felt angry and helpless. Although it's always the issue in human history, I feel like it's the worst in current society.  Look at the incumbent politicians, who really puts the country before anything? 

What's your opinion in this respect?

Apr 10, 2018 1:52 PM
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I'm very interested in politics and try to stay updated. My country has been going through a major political upheaval in the last few years and I think many people have started to care more about politics, in a way they didn't before. However, this awakened interest has resulted in a stark division among the public. Some groups have become very intolerant towards different political opinions. It's somewhat difficult to publicly stand up for my liberal political views, because others are conditioned to insult and debase anyone who holds liberal opinions. Conservative views are currently being enforced by the government and endorsed by the mainstream media, and liberal opinions are not even addressed in the public debate, they are simply discarded despite the fact that a significant part of the population is liberal-leaning.

April 10, 2018

@Pasha, "from Brazilian guy" I believe that the guy in question was me...

Yes, Pasha, even that Augusta gave a different point of view of how she perceives the political situation in Brazil, obviously is her right to think how she expressed, I don't agree and stand with my last statement, that conservatives like me don't have voice in our country and that liberals are the ones who media give space to talk about their agenda, ideas and stuff. In Brazil, the mainstream media is obsessed about minorities, political correctness and stuff and most of the hosts of the shows are SJW's, so I don't watch most of the channels anymore as it makes me sick... 

So, I'm not trying to be the owner of the truth, my opinion is not better or more important than Augusta's... She fells like she described and I feel the exact opposite about the political situation in our country that, in my point of view, have no "good side" to rely on... as I said IMO... 

April 11, 2018
I have no illusions when it comes to politics and people in general. I don't delve into the details, but I try to deepen my knowledge about humans and society, manipulation in politics and in media, politics-business-mafia ties, and history etc. So I try to get general knowledge because I believe it is more useful than tracking the superficial information I'm being fed with by the media today, half of it being unreliable anyway.
April 11, 2018
I started caring about politics in high school.  I can understand that for someone who just started to pay attention to politics it may seem like the current situation isn’t good, but I have to wonder if you’ve really taken an effort to know more about Taiwan’s political history when you say it’s the “worst” right now.  It’s a slap in the face for people who gave their lives and freedom for Taiwan’s democracy and freedom of speech.  Look up 江南案, 林宅血案, 陳文成事件, 鄭南榕, 美麗島事件 and many, many others and see if you’d rather live in that kind of political climate, where the government just outright murders or imprisons people who had the courage to voice their opposition.  These incidents aren’t ancient history; it happened around 30 years ago, and many of the culprits who had a hand in orchestrating these atrocities are still active in today’s Taiwan politics, and people still vote for them.  I guess that’s why they say Taiwanese people have a short memory. 
April 11, 2018
Of course I'm interested in politics of my country only however I can't involve or talk about in public
April 10, 2018
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