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Amira curie
Happiness to sell ..!!

DO YOU Think That The Money Can Buy The Happiness ?!

YES or NO and WHY.

10 apr 2018 17:34
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I would be willing to experiment with the idea...
10 aprile 2018
Money can't but happiness, because nothing can buy itself :) ,
10 aprile 2018

''Money does not buy you happiness, but lack of money certainly buys you misery"  Daniel Kahneman

10 aprile 2018
Money can't buy happiness, but it is more comfortable to cry in a BMW than it is on a bike.
source: {unknown}
You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a cupcake. That's the same.
10 aprile 2018

As we say in Arabic بتشتريا وبتشري ابوها

Because we can't live in house with celling and walls,sleeping without feeling hungry ,finish education ,wearing warm clothes in winter without money

المصاري اغلى من كتير بشر

10 aprile 2018
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Amira curie
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