How to flirt in spanish. give me all the juicy sexy phrases in Spanish, because Spanish is a beautiful language especially when it comes to romance. tbh a big part of why I'm learning Spanish is to learn how to flirt just because I like the way the language sounds. 
Apr 11, 2018 5:14 AM
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tbh I was having second thoughts about posting this. I'm a little embarrassed<font color="#003000" face="Helvetica"> and i have no idea on how to delete this discussion.  </font>
April 11, 2018
Lol, more than a killer sexy phrase, it is just culture. I mean if you aboard a girl and say 'Hola Guapa' (Hey beautiful!) with a great attitude you will get her atention.

It would work with 'Tienes los ojos mas hermosos que he visto en mi vida' (You have the most beautiful eyes i've never seen in my entire life), and the most important, because girls love their bodies 'Tienes un cuerpo espectacular' (Your body is espectacular)but remember, always with attitude.

April 11, 2018