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unfortunately I do not travel often but I am interested: What trend are in your country? Like in Poland now we have trend for: natural cosmetics, doing fake lashes, or wearing colour and funny socks.

Apr 11, 2018 10:23 PM
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Hi Agata,

In the USA there is no real collective clothing trend. We can really only pinpoint general clusters where trends occur and this is for general knowldge only and is in no way comprehensive but it would not be fair to assign a single style to the whole US.

Most styles vary depending on the environment (social and fana) and cultural influence. 

Pacific NorthWest: Hippster style but more seafaring practical the more rural. Lots of people like to wear NorthFace brand. 

West Coast: No real input because have not been there a while. 

New England/East Coast: Mostly a preppy form of hippster. Sort of like casual office attire with a hippster bent. 

Others will usually wear office attire without the jacket and quality of the cloths vary. 

South: Don't know as I have never been. 

Texas: Jeans, cowboy boots, either a cowboy hat or ball cap. 

Midwest cultural group: Mostly working class attire such as carhearts, sweat shirts, ball caps with sneakers or boots. T-shirts in the summer. 

The further south you go the more modified the above style and more designer flashy. Outdoor gym cloths are also more popular than further north. 

Hawaii: Shirts and tee shirt and occasional ball cap.

Great lakes: Like Midwest but fitted for urban environments. 

Everybody in between: Most people dress the way they want with their own style and are not part of a geographic cluster. Our style is the largest but spans the country. 

Note that these styles are not limited by their cluster boundaies you could have hippsters in Alaska for instance or preppys in Hawaii. 

Not very many girls wear high-heels or dresses except in the more wealthy parts of America's largest cities (possibly) or if there is some kind of formal event. Most girls wear yoga pants or jeans in winter and summer also shorts in summer with whatever top they choose. 

April 12, 2018