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Ethics or Profit?

What's up everyone :)

In my workplace, high school, it has banned to use a private USB, PC, e-mail, and Internet since this April by law. If you use any of them, it will be detected by the board of education. This rule has been set for protecting the devices and personal information. However, because of this abrupt and drastic policy, we cannot import, export, share nor exchange any data even for myself, let alone with others. If you want to share a certain file in another device, you have to construct the same one from scratch! What a waste of time!

Prevention and ethics are certainly important. These have to be considered over convenience to some extent. That said, I feel this is too much for this age, when ICT is advanced and prevailed. What do you think of this?

11. Apr 2018 23:57
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All human governments always move to more control.  Sorry to see this in Japan.
12. April 2018
Your school needs a sort of VPN
12. April 2018

I am not 100% sure that I understood your question.

Maybe there was some abuse, people came with files that were contaminated by viruses?

Mostly the owner of the computers (school or workplace) decide the rules of using them. It seems normal to me. It’s their property. You can always exchange files via USB on your personal computer at home.

12. April 2018

Thanks for comment, Aliph :)

Let me add something to make it clear. The problem is that we cannot even bring what we input into the office PC during working hours back to our home. Therefore most teachers do their work that they personally want to hold remain for next year such as study of teaching materials after getting back to home, which is unfavorable both to teachers and students. In my case, although I have studied statistical programming tool, called "R", to utilize students' data for pedagogical purpose, I have no choice but to use initially installed Excel instead of the fast and cutting expertise.

As for viruses and abuse of personal information, some cases have been reported (outside our school). But risks always exist as long as we use technology. I believe there must be better measures rather than banning such a unilateral way.

12. April 2018
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