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Learning Article : 自学外语的七个绝招

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Apr 12, 2018 12:00 AM
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。如果你看的是你母语的字幕,因为你注意力会在母语上,外语对话就不过脑子了。如果你一边听一边看外语,你脑子就会同时调动听和读两项技 能,学得也就更快。

That is true. Fortunately, there is a simple setting "automatic subtitles" for some films on Youtube. Just turn it on and you can take better place to learn listening with subtitle.  It is very helpful for language learners. 
April 16, 2018
Rebecca, that is an old topic that requires new ideas to fulfill it.

That is true to immerse yourself to the environment where people are speaking and using your target language is the key point to master  a language but the problem is most learners can hardly contact native speakers to practice their target language before they are fluent speakers. Which goes first? being a fluent speaker or living among native speakers? Native speakers are very used to speaking quickly phrase by phrase with no regard to grammar and arrangement in a sentence, which is the sticking point that impedes the learner from catching the ideas quickly in a speech. 
April 16, 2018
You wrote this article in Chinese,why are your Chinese so good?
April 16, 2018
 : 我非常赞成这个观点。
April 12, 2018
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