请你们帮助我。对不对?Please, comment in English, because my Chinese bu tai hao le :D 大家好!我叫维多利亚。我是俄罗斯人。我今年二十岁。现在我要给你们介绍我家一下儿。我家有两口人:我妈妈和我,也有两只宠物:一只白小猫和一只红小狗。我很爱我吗妈。她非常漂亮。我常常帮助她做好吃的菜,也整理我们的套房。我整理得很快。因为我妈妈是老师,所以她每天都很累。因为我要她高兴,所以下班以后我们一起去饭馆休息。我们每次进那里的时候一个很好的服务员欢迎我们。这家饭馆的菜真好吃。我常常在那儿吃鱼跟米饭,妈妈喜欢吃羊肉串。明天我们在那儿过妈妈的生日。来的朋友们很多。我要送她新手机。我也知道我一个很好的朋友送我吗妈很有意思的书。大家都参加舞会。过生日过得很愉快!
Apr 12, 2018 11:00 AM
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大家好!我叫维多利亚。我是俄罗斯人。我今年二十岁。(These are right)

现在我(This is needn't, because you "are introducing" not "will introduce")给你们介绍一下(These words should put here)我家一下(Not here)(There shouldn't use it)

我家有两口人:我妈妈和我,还("也" is like "also", or "xxx,too","还"is like "another one" or "one more, two more,etc..." or "one more time,etc...")有两只宠物:

一只<strike style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 0); font-style: italic;">白小</strike>小白("little 小" and "big大" should put in the first if there are two more adj  words. Such as "大白袍子","小篮裙子")猫和一只<strike style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 0); font-style: italic;">红小</strike>小红(same as the last)狗。

我很爱我妈(wrong word, should be more careful next time)妈。

她非常漂亮。我常常帮助她做一些(it's not necessary, but be a Chinese, I think add it would read better XD)好吃的菜,

也整理我们的套房房间(We don't such often use 套房 to decribe our home ,it will used for the house type. In here, use 房间 is better)

Sorry for there is no time to correct the rest of your writing, if you will, maybe you could add me friends or send a text and I will help you to correct them in another time.

By the way, Я читаю Русский язык, может тоже нужна твоя помощь.))))
April 12, 2018

Hi, your Chinese is great, I will do some small changes in Chinese on your article that I think you can totally understand.

大家好!我叫维多利亚, 我是俄罗斯人,今年二十岁。现在我要给你们介绍一下我的家或者家人。我家有两口人,妈妈和我。有两只宠物,一只白小猫和一只红小狗。我很爱我妈妈。我的妈妈非常漂亮。我常常帮助她做好吃的菜,我们有时也会整理我们的套房。我整理得很快。我妈妈是一位老师,她每天工作都很累。我想要她每天都高高兴兴的,所以下班以后我会陪妈妈一起去饭馆休息。我们每次进饭店的时候都会有一个很好的服务员欢迎我们。这家饭馆的菜真的好吃。我们经常吃鱼和米饭,妈妈喜欢吃羊肉串。明天我们将会在那儿过妈妈的生日,会有很多的朋友来,我要送她新手机。我一个很好的朋友送了我妈妈一本很有意思的书。大家都会参加舞会。希望妈妈的生日过得愉快!

If you have any problem, I will explain it for you.

April 12, 2018
well,you need to change 介绍我家一下儿 to 介绍一下我的家人。 I think you are trying to introduce your family. and there are a lot of short sentences. it will be better for understanding if you can make it more coherent.

"明天...”There is a tense problem that you said your mom will have a birthday feast in a restaurant tomorrow, and many guests will come. To show something that will happen in the future, you can say (将)会有很多人来参加我妈妈的生日聚会 .

or you meant a past tense? Anyway, 明天 is tomorrow; today is 今天;yesterday means 昨天。

April 12, 2018
April 12, 2018