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Italki Multinational Cookbook

What is a typical dish in your country?

Can you give a recipe?

What ingredients are necessary to prepare it?

What should we start with?

Do you have any special little secrets, or your own recipe?

Apr 12, 2018 2:06 PM
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Great discussion!

I'm going to tell you about some of the most popular dishes in Iran. 

1. Zereshk polo ba morgh. This dish is largely served in wedding parties, family gatherings, and other parties. The main ingredients are rice, chicken, safforn, and barberry. 

2. Chelo kabab, jooje kabab( only chicken meat) & kabab barg. These are some delicious kebabs which are served with cooked white rice, roasted tomatoes, and preferably doogh. Doogh is a kind of drink made of yougart, water, salt and sometimes some dried herbs. 

3. Khoresht fesenjan. This stew is made of chicken, pomegranate paste, walnut and if you like some sugar . Like the above dishes, it's served with cooked white rice. It's damn delicious :D

4.Ghorme sabzi. This is another stew which contains lamb or veal meat, vegetables, and beans. I'm 100% sure every Iranian who is reading this has been reminded of the nice smell of this stew. :) Again, white rice is the main companion.

Of course, the list goes on and on. These foods are just some of my favorites. :) I hope to hear about some of the main dishes in Poland. 

April 12, 2018


Oh, Polish 'krowka' ! A have never thought these sweets are so popular all over the world. Even in Other!

These are very tasty candies made of condensed skimmed milk with sugar. The name means 'A little cow'.

Should you try the dumplings from supermarket? Once, I think, it is possible. You can try just in order to remember the name. But if you promise to prepare dumplings yourself, I will give you a recipe. And this is NOT supermarket fastfood!

April 14, 2018
American food is fairly well-known, so I won't list American recipes.  Instead, I'll tell you about a special skill I developed.

When I was in college, I had to share a refrigerator with 5 other people.  They would often steal my food.  So, i developed a very special talent:  cooking food that is delicious, but which looks horrible. For instance, pinto beans and oatmeal complement each other's taste and texture very well, but they look disgusting when you mix them together.  If you add gelatin to soup (or cook with a bone broth), it creates a wonderful texture, but the gelatin will separate from the soup in the refrigerator, and will look appalling.  However, when you reheat the soup, the gelatin will dissolve again, and your soup will taste better than anyone else's
April 13, 2018

Mrs Tad,

dressing is “bryndza” itself mixed with fried smoked bacon. All propper ingredients matter really. Actually, it has just made my mouth water... there is some “bryndza” in our fridge here... 

April 14, 2018

Mrs Tad,

special sheep cheese is called “bryndza” and it’s really delicious. The dumplings are made from potatoe puree. 

April 14, 2018
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