Csaba Manyi
Are these words often use in your native language?

I have to learn words witch I use very rarly in may native language. Are they for you as dificult as me to build it in your vocabulary?

For example:particularly,properly,effectively,definitely.

Apr 12, 2018 5:16 PM
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It seems to me, these words are not too difficult. Moreover, you can meet many similar words in other languages which derive from Latin.

For example, 'effectively'- English, 'efektywnie'-Polish, 'efectivo'- Spanish

But don't worry! You speak Hungarian, and this is one of the most difficult languages in Europe! So, you cope with these words, for sure!

April 12, 2018
For me, as I have a more visual memory, it works writing down the word. I have a notebook to each language, that I use to record the words and expressions that I judge more important. Sometimes I paint it with colored pencils, to make the images more vivid. I frequently review the pages of the notebook.
April 12, 2018

I have to learn words which I use very rarely in my native language. Is it as difficult for you as it is for me to build your vocabulary?

For example:particularly,properly,effectively


I'm learning German and remembering new words is a challenge. When I write new words in a sentence it helps me remember them. 

It also helps me to say new words  out loud - even sing the words.

All the best in your language study! 

April 12, 2018