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Advantages of using computers and how the internet changed the way you live?
Advantages of using computers and how the internet changed the way you live? 

Nowadays I think that computers are an essential tool for the human being in personal and professional life
The people who use these computers have the best advantages because it is a great help for us, the computer is a medium in which you can do tasks, to investigate in turn for that an employee facilitate the work in a company with an easy access to information and in the same way how doing and editing written works and saving resources such as paper.
I think that nowadays, the part of our time, we share it next to a screen, and a keyboard, that you can access to talk with people from other cultures, races and religions, but also share with others person topics as interesting as the Internet 
The changes that the internet has generated in our life are the way we communicate using Skype, email, video conference is also the way we buy online using pages as Amazon, free market, the way we listen or consume music using applications as iTunes, Spotify, the way it is get friends in social networks stories as Facebook, twitter, the way we educate using Wikipedia, online courses, the work online, the entertainment applications how online games and the way to store information in the cloud using Dropbox, Google Drive.
These are some of the many changes that the internet leaves us
In my opinion it is that the use of computers has changed the way in which activities are carried out and that nowadays the computer has become a multifunctional tool from its use in the workplace, as well as in the entertainment of the human being. In the same way, the Internet has contributed to changing our way of living and that through the Internet we are facilitated access to information and communication of the human being in the world.
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I need you to correct this essay I would really appreciate it a lot
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