Eternity.... Some trees are 2000 years age....planets, reptiles. seems that time stopped for them. 
And then...I think..if one day it will be possible to stop time and live forever, what would I do with my life?

I have few ideas...but curious what do you think. What would you do if you could live with no limit? 
Apr 12, 2018 8:16 PM
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it's an interesting question,

I'd want a life with a sure death but in the longest term. I think the real problem is thinking about this from our present perspective(sure death) and the actual social problems such as pensions or chronical diseases.

Maybe we could be smartest and to have a working system which we could enjoy life with our elder family ( everybody will be elder or not or simply we'd be not age); maybe we could be smartest and we are able to care the Earth to support us. Maybe we could be smartest and countries would never fight and to share their resources. So, maybe it would be worth living a long time, but I don't believe this dream.

However, historical facts have shown that probably we'd be more stupid and fight to each other to get more and more things and oppress us and devastate our environment and resources.

Maybe we could dream or be smarter

April 14, 2018
I think that if one were immortal, barring accidents (like being physically incinerated, crushed etc), then one would be very much more careful about one's health. Far too careful. It would mean the death of risk; no wing sailing or looping the loop on airplanes; no tightrope walking over the abyss; no fighting on battlefields; no drinking unknown but tasty cocktails... would you want to live like that? To my mind, and that of my friends, such a snowflake existence would be ok (for the snowflake) but not for us. The modern snowflake, I think, is a product of too much wealth and comfort. They are the new version of the old aristocratic 1700s dandy, with hyperfine, supersensitive sensibilities. Indeed, they could sleep on top of 20 matresses, and if a pea were at the bottom, they would wake up black and blue in the morning. No, better a short and brutal life than to melt like a snowflake.
April 14, 2018
To live forever this bad variant for development and improve our lives.
But very great idea for a person. I wanna a life eternal but i know that many people has boredom in these life them. Other people thinking often about new life or another world becouse they don't see goals or meaning in own life and lifes other persons.
If humans lived eternal it would be primitive society for today and forever.
Development, chsnge of thinking, improve of life may be about change of human generetion only... May be or not...
To be or not to be)))

April 13, 2018
No I don't want to live forever I always hope and pray to not live more than 35 -40 years

I can't imagine that I would live for no limits and living the same troubles and problems I can't bear it .

April 13, 2018

 To outlive my children is a worst nightmare I can imagine, Sarah. 

So to me this is a not good idea. 

April 13, 2018
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