Heloisa Lopes
I should have born in the US

Last year I went to the US for the first time in my life. And I just fell in love.

There I had this sensation of freedom that I hardly get here in Brazil. I really identify myself with customs and habits of americans. I just felt very comfortable there. Since I`m back I just can`t go back to life without living in the US. I know I actually didn`t lived there (meaning I didn`t had a home, a job...), but I felt like I was really alive for the first time in my life. So I can say that I lived there somehow.

So I`m here dreaming about living there everyday, but I`m always sad because I know that it`s almost impossible to legally live there (and I don`t want it any other way). Also, since I`m very shy and introspective, I don`t think I could easily get a job there. Here I`m a federal government employee (we just had to study very hard and take a test to get that job). 

Well, that`s all I have to say for now. Please correct me if I wrote anything wrong. I can`t live in america but I`m going there again this year, yay! :D Will be seventeen days of joy!

Apr 13, 2018 12:16 AM
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I understand both point of view. For and against America.

Here a third one. If one just complains about his country of origin without doing anything to change the situation isn’t that a little bit sterile? I think that every country needs engaged citizens who feel responsible and committed to do their best for their country. I am not speaking about obsolete nationalism but about being a responsible citizen, it’s so much more rewarding then being naively in love with another country.

April 13, 2018
This whole thread leaves me speechless. What a tragedy, this line of thinking. I should start a thread „I should have been born in Germany.“
April 13, 2018

You‘re not serious are you? Did you know thousands upon thousands of Americans would love to leave the USA and never come back? I would. The denunciation of US citizenship is at an all time high as well (but you have to pay to get that monkey off your back), and rising every year. 

What have we got in the US that at least 50 other countries in the world don’t have, and what things do we do that those other countries don’t do 1000% better? Oh, my goodness. 

April 13, 2018
Look at how everything I write gets downvoted. It’s like a CIA propaganda thread. 
April 13, 2018


There are plenty of people around the world that enjoy living in America; the desire to leave the USA permanently is not universal. I suppose that, within OP's experience being from Brazil, perhaps she finds living in the USA comparatively more preferable. You shouldn't judge other's opinions so incredulously. Everyone has a completely different world view based on their own personal experiences. 

April 13, 2018
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