V-ed AF wondering

I'm a social-mediaholic. I'm researching English, as well. I like meaning of English idioms and internet slangs. Sadly I don't understand all of them also how to use them, for example AF. I understand its original meaning, yes, and some ways to use it. But I'm really confused if it could be used as "married AF" or "engaged AF" ? Anyone can help me :(

Many thanks for your helping!

Apr 13, 2018 3:09 AM
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Another meaning for AF, which you see at times, especially in personal ads, is Asian Female.  From the context-- married AF or engaged AF--- and the fact that it is usually capitalized when it has that meaning, I think that is much more likely what you are seeing. (Personally I had not heard of Andrew´s meaning, but I am probably much older than he is.)
April 13, 2018

AF is slang, and it stands for "as fuck." It's pretty much an intensifier. I could say I'm hurt af, to mean I'm really hurt. For the married af, if two people were married af it would be really obvious that they're married by how they act around each other.

Most of time it's just used like really or very. A few examples would be

"I'm really tired" goes to "I'm tired af"

"She is so annoying!" goes to "She's annoying af"

This is kind of a hard word to define though, because it is just used in a lot of places, and it's a pretty new term so it's still evolving. One last thing, is that only teenagers ever say this, and only in informal settings (like with friends). If an adult said af, it would be really cringy.

April 13, 2018

In case of this shirt

April 13, 2018
Never heard of it. 
April 13, 2018