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After marriage If someone asks you, "How is your life after marriage?" What will you say? For me, I remember the days when I was single. At that time, I had many time for my friends. On vacation, I usually return home. And that is the time when we can meet together. We went to a lot of places by motorbike. There, we ate together, played many game. And we took many photos. Thinking of that time, I feel very happy.  After married, I don't have many time for my friend.  Most of my time is spent to my family. Everyday, after work, I used to go to the market to buy food. Then, I return home , cook dinner and do my house works. Sometimes, I and my husband go out together. We eat fast food and drink juice and go to the cinema.  When I am free, I usually contact my friends with facebook, zalo. We chat video call together. It makes us happy. After marriage, things change. But I feel happy to be married to the person I love. 
Apr 13, 2018 7:27 AM
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