La differenza tra guardare e vedere

Is there anyone who can explain me, the different between vedere and guardare .

When I use one and another.

Apr 13, 2018 8:58 AM
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Guardare= to look at

Vedere= to see

Guardare implies some intentionality. Vedere refers to the possibility to see with one’s eyes.

April 13, 2018

/guardare/ is an act performed by the eyes and by the head when turning towards the point of interest.

/vedere/ is an activity  performed by the visual system, (eye + visual cortex), together with our

mind that gives (or tries to give) a meaning to what has been 'guardato';

therefore what is 'seen'  in some cases may even depend upon our memories,

deep beliefs and past experiences, which happily and  silently, have a share in

the final result.

Noi guardiamo con gli occhi, ma vediamo con la mente.

Questa e` la differenza fondamentale.

September 22, 2018

Hello Berite.

The difference is similar to English: to look and to see.

The phrase (referring to drivers not seeing motorcyclists/cyclists at junctions) "Look but did not see"

really embodies the difference between LOOKING, which is the sensory process of images forming

through the eye, and SEEING, which is processing that sensory information in a conscious way.

For this reason, one would say: "Do you see what I mean?". In other words, SEEING is understanding.

In Italian it works in a similar way, where you may say: "Guarda bene: non lo vedi?". This would 

translate very well in English, as "Look carefully (literally "well"): do you not see it?". Again, one

verb (Guardare) refers to looking while the other (Vedere) to seeing.

I hope that this clarifies the difference, somewhat!



September 22, 2018