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Would you like to tell me the difference between emails?

Hello All, 

I want you to read the the two email below. One is written by native speaker, and the other is written by Chinese whose English as second language.

I want you tell me somethings like that:

1. Can you identify which one is written by native, and which one is written by Chinese just by reading the content?

2. Are there somethings difference between the two emails except the content itself?

3. How will you rewrite the email by Chinese? And if you have time, would you like to post your rewritten email in your comment.

Thank you very much.


By Chinese whose English as second language


Hi all,

Finance team paid a heavy effort to find related workstation/laptop/server, and put a circle dot mark on it.

We want to collect back all the workstation/laptop/server that are not audited by finance team, this means all the workstation/laptop/server that has no circle dot mark on it will be collected back.

Please return those un-audited workstation/laptop/server:

For Xth floor: to Eric Chen’s area

For Yth floor: to the corner nearby Norway meeting room


Thanks for support!



By native speaker


Dear all,

Due to go-live of a new XXX  release, we need a down time slot.

This will be from Monday, April Xrd 10am to Wednesday, April Yth 7pm 2018.

During this time XXX  will not be available!

We will also stop interfaces XXX/ YYY/ ZZZ (no transfers are possible).

As soon as XXX is available again, we will send out a message.

Thanks for your patience.

For time zone conversion, please use e.g.XXXX

Kind regards,


Apr 13, 2018 10:54 AM
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Your comment is incredibly disrespectful and my concern is that some English learner may see it and think that is how critical many native speakers are. I feel embarrassed for you.  I think it only shows your ignorance of much work it is to learn a language that is very different from your own. (German and English are not that much different.) I do not think the expectation should ever be that a learner must learn to write in such a way that no one could guess they are a native speaker.  Although it was not difficult to discern it was not written by a native speaker there was nothing ¨horrible¨ about the first email-- it was quite understandable.

Please consider how long it might take you to learn how to write to the equivalent level in Chinese and edit your comment.   

April 13, 2018


I said it in another thread but I'm saying it again: This is a language learning website. We are here to support each other and not ridicule each other. If you can't give constructive advice but only bash language learners then maybe you should just ignore discussions like this. It's absolutely disrespectful how you treat non-native English speakers here.

April 13, 2018

The Chinese colleague's email has mistakes but is clear and does not place strain on the reader.  I estimate that this person has an upper intermediate level of English. 

In response to SHL, the Chinese writer undoubtedly took hundreds if not thousands of English classes and did a lot of homework.  In doing so, he or she managed very well to bridge the huge gap between his native language and English.

April 13, 2018

@SHL - Jeez, are you getting paid for being rude?

April 13, 2018

I'm not a native English speaker, so I won't rewrite but it's obvious from the mistakes that the first mail wasn't written by a native.

"workstation/laptop/server that has" should be "workstations/laptops/servers that have"

"by finance team" should be "by the finance team"

"thanks for support" should be "thanks for your support"

There are some more mistakes but I leave it to native speakers to correct.

April 13, 2018
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