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Do you participate in discussions written in languages other than English?

English has become a kind of lingua franca. No wonder most discussions here are written in English.

The discussions in other languages I checked (of course I didn't check them all) seem to be restricted to looking for a partner.

Still, considering this is a learning platform and we're supposed to exchange languages, do you take part in discussions in your target/native language (other than English)? Do you start them?

Have you noticed another language in which you can always find new discussions? Or maybe a language in which there are no discussion at all?

13 de abr de 2018 14:20
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I tried two times to launch a discussion in Arabic. I also participated in a discussion that was started by another Arabic learner. All these attempts weren’t successful. The people who speak Arabic aren’t interested by the low level of the discussion. The other Arabic learners just write notebook entries and get them corrected. 

I tried on Facebook to read some threads, but the problem is that nobody writes in standard Arabic but rather in dialect.

So it is frustrating.

In English there are some natives (among them teachers) who participate to the discussions. In Arabic the teachers are mostly absent or post pathetic advertisements for themselves.

13 de Abril de 2018
Yes I do. I have started some discussions in spanish. 
13 de Abril de 2018
I shouldn’t post here because I don’t like English anyway and I avoid it as much as possible. I only watch German language TV series, German news (through my ZDF app and others) and German language films. The few American TV series I do watch are the German dubbed over versions on another site. 
13 de Abril de 2018

I am guilty of participating in discussions in English most of the time, because I'm not that interested in the topics and comments of those discussions in most other languages. There is a teacher (Gloria) who sometimes starts thoughtful discussions in Spanish and there have been a few interesting French threads. If I see a discussion in Italian or Portuguese, I try to take part, if it's half-decent. However, not as many people take part, the OP doesn't typically keep the discussion going, and it rarely goes anywhere fascinating, deep or controversial. The commenters I like to read most tend to write primarily in English.

I have begun writing in Russian and will participate in discussions when they come up and - more importantly - they are at a level I can grasp. I am still at a very low (A1) level in Russian so although I would like to write in Russian, I am very limited in what I can express. Until it's not a struggle to spell correctly and I can write about everyday interests without a huge effort, I think it's not realistic even though I am interested.

13 de Abril de 2018


Ok, we should fill the Japanese forum with life. 

13 de Abril de 2018
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