Russian products for export

Please could someone (from Russia) can tell me why are Russian products so difficult to find in Europe. I don't mean on big expensive products (like weapons or missiles),actually I think on food,drinks,candies,some smaller technique stuffs  etc...

is the problem in their quality or just bad marketing??
Apr 13, 2018 6:54 PM
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Ilija, it was funny when Putin banned export of food from EU (counter-sanctions).

That is, it wasn't really funny... But for a while strange things happened. Prices for Finnish butter which some Russians used to buy  (when they didn't buy Russian butter) went up 3-fold and more. A nearby shop sold it for 7 Euro 200gramm! Russian butter gre more expensive too.

At the same time for a short while Irish butter arrived to the same shop. It was sold for twise less money but... It was THE most tasty butter even sold in shops around me. I saw similar butter as a child sometimes. The only time I encountered it after this - an American told me (accidentally) that he buys it.

That's when I realized that there is something crazy. There are millions of  brands of everything aroudn the world... And import companies here have contracts just with a 1000. And so ALL Russian shops sell Finnish butter. Just because ALL Russian shops sell Finnish butter. It doesn't matter if Irish or Bolivian butter is better or worse. We import Finnish. No competition.

April 14, 2018
I think quality's main reason. Many Russian products lack quality and they simply can't compete with ones from Europe. For example: Russian cars are garbage. 
April 13, 2018
Because, you know, during the times of the USSR, only heavy and military industries were developed, that's why production of all other things is suffering. 
April 13, 2018