What is the most amount of enjoyment you can get away with at work?

When it's a lazy day at work, what are the activities you usually indulge yourself in to pass the time?

For me, I listen to songs, play video games, watch a movie, take breaks as long as i want and so on, till i complete my 8 hours and then head on home.  

Oh! And use Italki as well, Sadly Facebook and Youtube are blocked, i could bypass the security easily, but just don't feel like it. 

Apr 13, 2018 9:49 PM
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Get some steak delivered.  You still have my mouth watering about that :-)
April 13, 2018

Boring day at work?  I usually ask one of my co-workers to meet me for lunch at a favorite spot and a little afternoon delight afterwards.

But since I work with my wife it is all good :-)

April 13, 2018
I think we might be on the same page here, i already had a burger and  fries delivered for dinner at work. Hahaha!!! 
April 14, 2018

That's the thing, none of my co-workers came to work today, it's just me. And i work night shifts, so i'm consistently trying to find ways to satiate my boredom. :P 

You're right, i should have brought my own car to work, so i could head off to the nearby beach to chill. But i just had to come in company provided transport today. 

April 13, 2018