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Could you help me check the sentence West Campus experimental center or west experiment center,which one is better?
Apr 14, 2018 10:38 AM
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The first is correct. The second is incorrect, or at least unusual.

However, there is a problem.

You would only put "experimental center" if you are describing the facility, rather than naming it... and "experimental center" is an unusual term. It is possible, but I think it is likely that you want a different term, such as "research center." 

The best rule for the name of a facility, you would usually use the full official name, and since it is a proper name you would capitalize all the words in it. In other words, I would do a web search on the university's site  and find the exact words the university itself uses.

These are example of real facility names:

"The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) is a 'research institute' of the Smithsonian Institution. It is joined with the Harvard College Observatory (HCO) to form the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA)"

"The Center for Research in Security Prices is part of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business."

April 14, 2018
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