What is the most important day in your life?

The answers might be really diffrent but i really want to know the answers from you guys:))))))))))

In China, some people believed that the day that a girl turns 16 is the most important so her family will throw a really BIG party for her. (Might be different from an actual party, but it's similar: people singing and dancing, friends and relatives sending gifts to the girl…)

So, what is the most important day in your life? 

Apr 14, 2018 12:27 PM
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That's a nice question to think of. For my case I think the day I will have my first child. Which I think would chang my perspective about life and in other word control it.
April 14, 2018
Everyday is important with me. I always thinks that if today is the last day I live, what will I do and I try my best to do everything I need 
April 14, 2018