Proof that italki does NOT check or care about teacher backgrounds!


There is some information that every user of this website should know about. Namely, there is at least one teacher (probably more) on this website whose background and CV are not what they claim. What's worse, when I brought this information to the attention of italki, regarding a specific teacher, they didn't care. They made every possible excuse for this person, who had clearly made fraudulent claims on her CV.

A teacher claimed to be an 'IELTS Specialist' and Senior Teacher at the British Council in Istanbul. I worked for the British Council for a long time and knew immediately that this person was lying because:

1. The position 'IELTS Specialist' does not exist at the British Council

2. The position of Senior Teacher at the British Council requires qualifications that this person does not hold.

I contacted the British Council in Istanbul and they confirmed that not only is this person not in any way connected with the British Council, but also that there is no teaching centre at the British Council office in Istanbul!

I made a complaint to italki about this, including the email I received from the British Council, and they did nothing. I repeatedly complained that this person was involved in fraud and that they should do something, but they basically said, 'She has a teaching certificate, so it's ok with us', and then they closed my complaint.

Do you think this acceptable?

Apr 14, 2018 12:51 PM
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It's true. I will post the whole email exchange, which is very long, and you can judge for yourselves whether or not they took the issue seriously.Jim L, the head of teacher services, ignored every relevant I point made and just kept saying 'she's a professional teacher'.

The teacher charges very high fees (based on the fraudulent claims she made on her CV) and has a lot of students. The reason italki did nothing, in my opinion, is because they are far more concerned about money than the welfare of students. You be the judge.

April 14, 2018

British Side themselves acknowledge the connection to the British Council and it's closing in 2006


April 14, 2018
There is a teacher on your site who charges very high prices and is engaged in fraud by misrepresenting herself in numerous ways which justify the prices she charges.
The most serious offense is that she claims that she is works as an IELTS specialist and Senior Teacher at the British Council in Istanbul, Turkey.
There is no job title of 'IELTS Specialist' at the British Council, and the position of Senior Teacher requires qualifications that she does not possess. I have contacted the British Council in Istanbul and they confirm that not only is she not affiliated with the organisation in any way, but also that there is not even a teaching centre in Turkey.
Her name is Nas Cee.
I have cached copies of her pages on italki and will be cooperating with the British Council in their investigation of this person; I may also follow up with local law enforcement, and publicly expose her on the numerous platforms she works on, her social media pages and youtube channel if the issue is not taken seriously.

April 14, 2018
If that's true . italki should explain why.
April 14, 2018


your profile doesn’t say anything about you. What is your interest denouncing a teacher who apparently satisfies her students? Her fees are something that only regard her and her students. Apparently she is doing quite well. Good for her.

As for qualifications...that’s not something I take very serious on this website anyway for choosing a teacher. There are other criteria for me anyway.

Are you a teacher who is jealous of her success?

April 14, 2018
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