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Words used among skateboarders Here is a list of words we frequently use while skateboarding and what they mean. They can be applied to other sports like roller skating, biking, riding scooters, etc. There are no names of tricks or anything, just general words/phrases. 

Slam = to fall

Eat shit (explicit) = to fall really hard

Drop in = to roll down a steep ramp

Vert - steep ramps that go up to a vertical incline such as a half pipe.

Transition - ramps that connect at an angle, such as two ramps meeting in a corner of a skatepark and you can jump from ramp to ramp at an angle

Sketchy - sloppy landing, you almost fell but didn't

Speed Wobbles - you are moving so fast the board becomes hard to control and starts shaking.

Wheel bite - when your wheel scrapes against your board, usually when turning or landing.

Switch - you are standing the opposite direction that you are usually comfortable with. If you normally ride a skateboard with your left foot in front you ride "normal", if you ride with your right foot in front you ride "goofy". Standing the way that is not natural for you is "switch"

You incorporate this word into trick names. A kick flip while riding switch is simply called a "switch kick flip"

Carve - to ride along ramps without doing any tricks or getting any air. Usually done to build speed or show style.

Steezy/clean/sick/smooth/etc - used to describe a well done trick or somebody's style.

Hammer - a hammer is a trick done down a big drop. If you do a trick off a dangerously high gap, one could say you've dropped a hammer.

Hope these help anyone who's interested. If you have any other questions related to skateboarding I am happy to help 
Apr 14, 2018 5:22 PM
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Hammer came along in like... Early or mid 00s from what I know.

Jim Greco mainly popularized it, but the rest of the Baker crew helped popularize it too. You can find a hammer logo on some of their skateboards. In the video Baker 3, Greco's part also had a little hammer animation in it lol

Lol it really does move slow. The biggest difference between  now and like 20 years ago is there's a silly name for basically anything you can think of. Like, why say varial double flip when you can say nightmare flip, stuff like that
April 15, 2018

Intersting to see "hammer" appear! The others were already in use in my time, (20 years ago) but not "hammer"

I conclude that the jargon moves very slowly!

April 14, 2018
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