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Katarzyna (김소영)
Reading books in Korean where still a beginner

edit-the title is supposed to read "when" still a beginner...

It was suggested to me that I try and read a book for fun(haha) in Korean. So...I went online and found this box set.... (in case this isn't clickable it's the Twilight series box set in Korean)

I have read all the books in English and still have them so I plan to reread the first one while waiting for the Korean ones to arrive, to re-familiarise myself with the story. 
And then I guess I'll work my way through a paragraph at a time and try and learn the vocab and grammar. I'm not expecting it to be particularly easy as my level is still so low, but it will be interesting. I thought about a children's book but decided to just go for it with this instead. Anyone else do anything similar?

Apr 14, 2018 6:46 PM
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I would try it - no harm right? If it already works, great, and if not, there is no shame in it, either. The only bad thing would be to get discouraged ... native-level material is tough, in any language :-). Having read the books before in English certainly helps (and translations from foreign languages are often easier, too)

Another thing I found helpful for reading is electronic aids like the built-in dictionary in the apple ibooks app (they have Korean) or the perapera browser extension for Firefox (for Japanese and Chinese - maybe there is something similar for Korean?). Reading paper books is about the hardest you can do, because it makes dictionary look-up frustratingly slow. That being said, with Korean being phonetic at least you will know how to pronounce unknown words, and maybe their meaning will become clear from context ... (in CN/JP that often becomes: "and then he said to the XX: you know, you really should XX in order to XX otherwise the XX will never - what? :-D).

April 15, 2018
The so-called CEFR Levels are based on what communicative tasks the learner can already handle - you can find the definition of them online (A1 - C2, with C2 being essentially near native). Nothing magical about them, just a common, standardized language to describe progress levels :-)
April 15, 2018
No but I have been thinking of getting some children's books. I might look for Harry Potter because I know those books inside out.
April 14, 2018
Aurelio : there's just something that I love about paper's just not the same reading them online. It'll take 2 weeks or so for the books to arrive from Korea so I'm planning to reread the English one(which will take a day because I read stupidly fast in English) and perhaps make some vocal lists that may come in useful like the words for vampire etc. 
April 15, 2018

Aurelio:I did 2 online tests for Korean-one said I was intermediate and the other put my level about a third of the way into B1. I don't know how accurate they are but do you think that's enough to be able to attempt to read the books when they come? Or will I be wasting my time until I improve ?

April 15, 2018
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