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David Romaña
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What is your motivation to learn Spanish? If you want to travel to Latin America, you need to learn our Spanish language :) Tell me ... why do you think Spanish is important? How can this make you happier?
14. Apr 2018 20:53
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A useful phrase you can use if you travel Latin America is...Deme dos con todo :)

Say you get hungry and suddenly you smell something yummy walking down the street. You´ll probably find a stand with a crowd around waiting for tacos or arepas or empanadas, doesn´t matter. You get there and say, deme dos con todo, and they´ll hand you a plate with something delicious. So it´s always good to ask for two instead of one right from the start!

14. April 2018
Las chicas 

No, it just is a fun sounding language, and it's the most accessible to practice in the US. Fun to learn more about my neighboring  country also, I find the culture and history of Mexico very fascinating. Plus the food is so good
15. April 2018
I am learning Spanish because when I was studying English I met a lot of people from South America. Some of them are my friends now and I want to talk to them in their language.
14. April 2018
you are right Clarisse, Spanish is one of the most spoken languages, at the moment you want to learn Spanish, I would be happy to teach you ... you can contact me at any time :)
14. April 2018
Spanish is very important, is the second most spoken language of the world. When I have more time, I want to study her.
14. April 2018
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