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Psychology: have you ever met energy vampires?

Can you recognize and avoid them? Who are these people?

Can you protect your energy?

This is NOT a question about science fiction book or movie.

Real life stories sometimes are much more impressive.

Apr 15, 2018 12:38 PM
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Mrs Tad!

Hah! Alright, back in 2014, I was just standing in the balcony of my home, when i saw a female stray cat just chilling on our house's ledge.

I tried whistling to her and she seemed to catch my attention, so i gave her some milk and we became good friends, I was so innocent back then, that i had no idea that she was pregnant, i fed her everyday and she eventually considered me a source for food, so she kept coming back. One day, she brought her three newly born kittens in my garage where i always met her, i was so excited and happy to meet them, but they were absolutely terrified of me, but i fed them the same food that i ate, I still remember we had a family BBQ, and when i shared the leftovers with the mother, she didn't eat them herself, but took them to their children. Eventually, the mother left and I was left to fend for the Kittens on my own. I sheltered them in my garage, fed them as much food as i could. Their funny mannerisms definitely did take out the negative energy from inside of me. Your heart just melts, when they come running at you meowing, knowing that they trust you as their source of food. 

It was a fun 2 years, till they finally grew up enough to leave my garage and head on to their own adventures. 

April 15, 2018


What have we found during our discussion- Ways to block energy vampires:

1. Meditate

2.Smile at them

3. Don't engage in conversation with them

4. Repeat positive affirmations while in their presence

5. cleanse your aura

6.don't attempt to feel sorry for them

7. eat a healthy diet

8. Spand plenty of time recharging: do your favourite things!


April 16, 2018


It was a good new TVset haha. I put it out of the gate of my house. And, surprisingly, I wasn't even curious, who took it away.

You know news from the Internet. You can watch movies on the Internet. At the time you want, as many times as you want, and in parts which are comfortable for you (one hour or 10 minutes a day). And what is the most important thing: you have no advertising.

Tv set at home-is

-either ' an empty place' ( I often stay in hotels when have trips at work, so I never notice, I have TV in the room, or not)

- or this is also a vampire- pet, if you allow it to do regular brainwashing

April 15, 2018
Yes, last year I was in a class with several of them, and one of them was one of my best friends. 
She had so many problems in her life that she was unable to healthily deal with, and the way in which she seemed to process all emotion was fairly extreme. As I was her friend I felt like I had to be there for her.
She would be depressed, crying, heavy with a dark cloud hanging around her most days, yet on those few and far between days that she was not depressed she would be bright, chatty and wonderful to be around. On those days it was like you could instantly forget how she acted the rest of the week.
Yet her energy-sucking ways took their toll on me and my mother would remark on how exhausted and drained I seemed after spending the day at college with her. I lost 3kg without realising in eight weeks and was irritable and fidgety.
 After she left my school not long after everything went back to normal and I regained all my usual energy and positive attitude.

April 15, 2018


So, this is you, who is considered to be her neighbour? Haha

Thank you, Suleman, for taking part in the discussion! You thoughts are really very interesting and useful for others!

This helps to create the picture of a problem and pay attention to better sides of life...

Be positive! And none bites you! Even an energy vampire! Thank you!

April 15, 2018
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