It you had to buy a new phone that you would like to take ? Why just that ?

Thanks to all !!! 
Apr 15, 2018 12:39 PM
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I vote for Samsung Galaxy S6, due to its camera. It is the first phone in the family that has manual mode of capture with adjustable shutter speed up to 10 seconds. Suffice to an amateur photographer. IPhone is my disliking. The iOS, its operating system has modular kernel, and when is compared to Linux, ceateris paribus, the last wins. 
April 15, 2018

Hi Christian,

I had the same doubt a few days ago. I need a new phone.

I had iPhone in the past, there are two things I missed using Android (Asus) the conectivity system is better on IPhone, at least my car and my wife's car worked better using IPhone.

Second, I missed the Siri. I tried Google Assistant but it's worked at all.

Another thing that makes me choose IPhone again is that my wife uses IPhone too, it's easy to have just one kind of power cable at home or on the car.

Finally, we used the app friends location. Due to this violence rates in Brazil sometimes it's good to find someone or even your phone if you were stolen. We tried an simillar app but I can find her and she can't find me. This app don't work good between IPhone and Android. Even after I gave permission on google configuration. This location resource helped me find her a few years ago when she was running a marathon and broke her ankle, she just called me saying was in an ambulance going to a hospital I used the app to find the ambulance on the streets.

The problem is that I hit my old phone that was on my front pocket at the subway's ticket gate. I'll travel to the US in a few months and if I chose Android it's better buy in my home country but if I wait until my vacation I can buy a IPhone saving a lot o money comparing the price to Brazil.

Well I chose continue using my curved Asus phone until my vacation.

April 15, 2018
April 15, 2018
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