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A week of riddles ~ day 1

This is the first of the 7 riddles I'll be posting here on the discussion section, the answer to this will be revieled tomorrow, but if you want to check your answer, you can send me a message!

A detective who was mere days away from cracking an international oil smuggling ring has suddenly gone missing. While inspecting his last-known location, officers find a note:

710 57735 34 5508 51 7718

Currently there are 5 suspects: Bill, John, Todd, Jackie and Joanne. 

Can you break this code and find the criminal?

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Apr 15, 2018 12:47 PM
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I've found it (highlight with the mouse below if you want to read the answer):

Bill is boss: he sells oil (it's written upside down)

April 15, 2018