What are the current slangs expressions of your language everyone use around you these days ?

What are the current slangs expression of your language everyone use around you these days ? I'm really curious to know the way language develops in everyday speech. People tends to create a lot of new expressions, that goes viral no one knows how. Can you teach me some of these expressions whatever your language is, and if it's explainable, can you teach me the meaning ? Obviously, English is a very flourishing tongue, I learn new expression almost every month, and local viral expression tends to be replaced by anglicism. I would like to know expressions in local tongue, it is fun to imagine the spirit of each part of the world this way.

I write you some french expression, I hope my expressions aren't already outdated : 

C'est malaisant = It's cringy. It's come from the word malaise ( unease ) It is actually an old world.

Faire genre = act like/ to pretend to. We use the word the word "genre", as Valley girl put "like" in all their phrases.

En mode ( doing something) =  a ( doing something ) way

C''est gavé (cher )= It's too-(expansive). "Gaver" means to force-feed, it is related to the idea of "too much"

grave = hell yeah! / Really ( something) ex, "c'est Grave posé" . Grave originally means serious/grave

Chiller = to Chill-out

être posé / C'est posé = to be relaxed / Being conveniant. Litteraly being put 

Darons - Daronne = Parents/ Father - Mother

Gadjo / Gadji = ( Gypsie expression ) Boy/Girl

Tise = Alcohol Tiser = to drink alcohol

Je suis trop hypé par ( ...) = I'm enthusiastic about ( ... )

Jsuis blaze = I'm disapointed. From blasé ( jaded )

Mon blaze = My signature. From Blason ? ( blazon )

c'est véner = It's uplifting/crazy. Verlan from énervé ( irritated )

Cleaner = to clean

solo = all alone

Bromance = sheer friendship, almost love between two straight guys

j'ai zappé : I forgot. from to zap ( a T.V channel, to skip )

Craquer : To freak out. From craquer = to crack

être keblo = blocked 

Un poseur = a try hard ( someone who "strike a pose" 

ouki = Okay

OKLM ( au calme ) = an easy way

Grailler = to eat. from a former word, la graille ( = the food )

s'enjailler = to be too enthusiastic. From Enjoy, created in Ivory coast according to Wikipedia

C'est quoi le bail ?/ Un bon bail = means almost everything... occasion, thing, situation, program ... originally, a bail is a house rent's contract

C'est Edgy / Lit = Cool

Stalker = to watch what someone do on the social medias while he/she don't even know it

c'est dar = sassy ( from to dare `? )

c'est cheum = too bad, from moche ( = ugly )

Actually, it is difficult to remind the expressions I use on a daily basis, as it is almost unconscious. I hope you would be interested 

Apr 15, 2018 3:06 PM
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I love this kind of thing -- thanks for some great words!

One of my favorite movies is a French comedy "le diner de cons" and one of the phrases they threw at one another was "e fini, oui"? or something like that.  It roughly translates into the English "You're done now, right", basically you are finished tormenting me, right?

I understood it even though my French is VERY limited.  Cracked me up every time I heard it in the movie :-)

April 15, 2018
Really, It would be fun to check the way french comedy is translated. It is difficult for me to say which is my favorite comedy. I love South park. Usually I'd rather watch series in original version, especially american comedy. However, the french translation of South park is so good it brings a new dimension. I'v learnt to enjoy both version as two distinguished things :)
April 15, 2018

Probably "as fini, oui?"

le diner is my favorite comedy in any language.  I think the word Cleaner above comes from the English translations of the Jean Reno role in le Femme Nikita.  That was a strong performance. 

April 15, 2018
Haha you know the movie "Dîner de con" :) I think he may says "as fini?" to sounds childish or retarded 
April 15, 2018