How Education, Exams, Finding job is affecting for my stress level

I am final year undergraduate and I have only two months to complete my degree. Nowadays we are trying to complete our final year project and sometimes it makes me sick (not in physically, but mentally). And also in these days our batch mates are trying to find new jobs to make success of their future. So we called for interviews by some companies which we have applied. Facing for interview is little bit stressful thing for me. Sometimes I forgot words to express my ideas when I'm facing to them. Not only that I'm pretty sure our final year exams will be held on the end of May. So I need to prepare for that too. To complete the degree with good class, I have to complete my final year project and exams with my best. To find the new job I should complete my degree with good class. Therefore in these days my stress level is on the top. But however I'll do my best to achieve my goals.

{please check this and if there is any error give me the corrections. If there is any better way to express the idea of the above sentences give it too and add your comments about how do you get stressed and how to relief them}

Apr 15, 2018 5:01 PM
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By 'good class' are you referring to good grades/good marks, something like that?
April 15, 2018

Thank you for encouraging me and reading my note, I have lack of ability to express my thoughts when I'm using English. That's why I wrote simple thought about my current situation. I'll do my best to pass this hardship time. Thank you again.

April 17, 2018
You have come a long way, I am confident you can see this through the next few months.  The path to your dreams is before you, stay focused, be prepared, and do the best you can :-)
April 17, 2018


yeah I wanted to tell about good grades, normally after graduating best students can have first class, second class.. etc. That's why I used 'good class' at that places.

April 16, 2018