Is profane language legal on Italkie? I have looked at the community policy and didn't find anything against profanities.  It looks like people can freely discuss meaning of those phrasal verbs involving  F-word or obscenities in other languages. How often people use  bad language in your country? Do you notice that  profanities in foreign language felt not that bad as in your native language? 
Apr 15, 2018 6:57 PM
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Well in Serbia where I am from we pretty much use swear words in our daily vocabulary. And they sound pretty bad compared to swear words in english.
April 15, 2018
I doubt iTalki’s user guidelines allow for profanities here, at least I’ve never noticed them and don’t use them myself. I think it’s normal for a profanity in one’s own native language to seem worse to the native speaker, while when a non-native speaker uses the same word or profanity he or she doesn’t seem to perceive it so badly. It’s just that the native speaker has more experience with the profanity and more of a feel for the depth of its meaning and use. In the US, before the internet, you never heard profanities (like the “F-word”) being publicaly broadcast on radio or TV. These words were even edited out of movies shown on TV. A list of profane words was banned by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and any broadcaster on TV or radio station who let the word (s) slip out faced huge fines and penalties or even revocation of the broadcast license. I also think it’s a generational thing. When I grew up you never used those words around your parents or grandparents. (My mom and dad would have flipped out hearing me say those words.) But,  now with the free use of any word, however profane, on YouTube and internet podcasts and Sirius radio you hear this all the time. I frankly don’t like it. Younger 20-something’s with YouTube channels trying to sound like broadcast journalists started and ending every sentence with the F-word is a real turn off to me. I tend not to listen to anything they have to say, however educated they may be, because I think these people (I say age 20-39) who grew up on the internet just sound like brainless fools. I’m sure it’s just an age thing. I liked the old way better myself. Don’t use those words and try to sound intelligent because it just doesn’t work and I don’t use those words in polite company. 
April 15, 2018


They still ban profanities (I don’t know what they all are, obviously the „F-word“ is banned) on regular free TV. But, on pay-for TV like Netflix, anything goes. Anything goes in movies too. I agree that it’s useful in the right context. It’s silly for villains in a movie to not be using profanities. That’s just unrealistic. But then I only watch German TV on my internet apps and I never watch American TV shows unless they‘re dubbed over in German. But, for YouTube’s guys, usually young guys around 30, with a University degree to pretend to be news commentators on their podcasts and use the F-word in every sentence makes me think they sound like uneducated fools and I turn them off. Then they say I’m part of the „older generation“ so no wonder, and I don’t count. I’m not used to „young people’s speech“ supposedly.  Hey, we used all those words too, we just think using them does not make  us sound more intelligent or add anything to what we have to say. It’s takes away from being persuasive. It’s doesn’t enhance it. 

April 16, 2018
In my country on TV there  could be some tough language  but you will never heard on TV some Russian  profane words. I watched movie Pulp Fiction there was a lot profanities and even bad racial slurs. Was that edit out when broadcasted on TV in US?
in my native language I don't like when speech contain half of profanities but  if one or two bad words I can tolerate. But if it in English language like in Tarantino movies it feels totally fine.
April 15, 2018