American Accent Training Hello , everyone . My name is A'mr 
I'm taking up an American Accent Training and the course started with the intonation , I find it interesting and I love it , but actually I  have a question to the native speakers . Is the intonation really used ? I mean that part of stair-case intonation , Is it really important when you're listening to someone in everyday English ? 
I know it's pretty important in situations like making presentation , giving a speech or doing an interview but I'm talking about the informal situations , Is it that important
plz correct me if there're mistakes 
Apr 16, 2018 11:38 AM
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In my opinion, there's no need to try to pick up an accent as long as your accent is not heavily influenced by your native language. Perhaps you could try to neutralize a bit to sound more natural. Yes, intonation is used in everyday conversation but I would suggest you to revisit your decision to learn a specific accent. I don't know, its strange for me to think of teaching myself a different accent and trying to speak like that all my life rather my naturally acquired accent.
April 16, 2018
@Emily I think I got your idea , but I want to learn the American Accent because I want to teach English as a foreign language , so I'm working on making my language sounds like a native 
April 16, 2018