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Do you view your emotions as fixed and unchanging aspects of personality?

What negative emotional state affect you much: anger, frustration, anxiety, or doubt? Have you ever wanted to change how you feel? Or do you just view your emotions as unchanging aspects of personality?  It is true that your traits affect how you experience the world. Especially in your challenging term. 

Apr 17, 2018 6:11 AM
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Even the word ¨emotions¨ is based on ¨motion¨-- emotions by definition are always moving and ever-changing.  I definitely do not see them as a fixed part of my personality.  I think of the way I manage them more as ¨regulating¨ them instead of controlling them.  I think they need to be noticed and only sometimes acted upon.  I think experiencing them without impulsively responding to them is an important skill.  I am a psychotherapist so a large part of my time is spent helping others to consider their emotions and learn new ways of responding to them  I think this article gives some good ideas of what it means to ¨regulate¨ emotions. For example, scheduling things you look forward to is one part of regulating/controlling your emotions. ;
April 18, 2018
yes, moderating the negative emotions is necessary in order for them not to wreak total havoc on us and those around us. for this, you will need self-mastery and self-awareness. it is no use being aware of yourself if you cannot master yourself. only then can negative emotions be useful to you.
April 18, 2018
All the negative emotions you mentioned could affect me a lot at times, but they are built-in signals to me that something is wrong, either inside me or outside. Yes, our moods affect the way we experience the world. When someone is in love, the world appears to be rosy. When someone is depressed, the world appears dark and gloomy. Emotions and moods make our daily life exciting. They may not be part of our character, but they are part of being human.
April 17, 2018


Nice explanation! Have you ever done something to control such negative emotions? I mean, in general, such negative emotions will destroy us in some situations. 

April 17, 2018